Jun 3, 2019, 15:37 PM by Jane Jestus
We are proud of our people and our services. Let us show you why.

Leading MRO Support

Building trust in an industry that maintains and repairs aircraft engines does not happen overnight. You can’t just claim to be an expert. It’s a reputation you earn. Not by being the biggest, by doing what it takes to deliver the best service and support for the people whose lives and livelihoods depend on it.


With a proven track record that began over 85 years ago, our OEM-trained technicians and experienced customer support staff continue the Dallas Airmotive tradition of excellence today.

A highly-skilled and tenured team dedicated to customer success that will go the extra mile every time to make it happen -

When a field service rep. braves the freezing temperatures and snow in the Midwest to repair a jet engine so that a family could return home,

Or when a program manager comes in on the weekend to show a customer their engines, providing a private tour of the facility.

A team that doesn't rest until they find a solution to get their customer's aircraft back in the air at all costs.


“Every minute our customers’ aircraft are grounded is a cost to them, which is why I approach every event with a solution-bound, can-do attitude. Having the know-how that comes from years of experience, coupled with a relentless pursuit to deliver my best work every time because you know the people it matters to are counting on you.” – Darrell Capra, Program Manager.

We are a team who takes great pride in the unmatched engine MRO work we do and the essential role we play supporting our customers on their journeys. In the coming weeks, you will get to know our team better as we introduce the new voice of Dallas Airmotive and the faces that make it all possible.


"A company is built by its people. That’s how we’re able to maintain the highest levels of quality, answer every AOG call and see each engine event as another opportunity to build relationships with customers who rely on us to keep the passengers and crew onboard their aircraft safe."  – Hugh McElroy, President & COO

We are proud to be the People You Trust, delivering the engine MRO Performance You Count On.

Your Team at Dallas Airmotive.

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