Turbine engine repair and overhaul
Engine Model Basic Price Capped Price
PT6A-135 $255,000 $305,000
PT6A-112/114 $225,000 $280,000
PT6A-21 $205,000 $270,000
PT6A-27 $245,000 $295,000
PT6A-28 $245,000 $295,000
PT6A-41 $235,000 $295,000
PT6A-42 $270,000 $320,000
PT6A-34 $265,000 $305,000
PT6A-135A $255,000 $305,000
PT6A-114A $255,000 $305,000

2018 Program Details

  • Basic price includes standard overhaul of engine, but does not include the replacement of life limited parts, CT Blades, or accessory overhaul. Your total price WILL NOT EXCEED the capped price listed in the table above regardless of work performed.
  • All scrapped parts will be replaced with Pratt & Whitney Canada factory new or overhaul condition parts at no extra charge
  • All engine work comes with a corporate warranty good for 7 years, or to the next TBO, whichever occurs first.
  • Must be a normal time expired core engine with no missing parts.
  • Pricing does not include freight, tariffs, insurance, or taxes.
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada reserves the right to declare an engine Beyond Economic Repair (BER) if cost estimate exceeds $575,000 and will provide a 0 Time Since Overhaul engine as a replacement if available.

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