PW305A Engine Solutions:

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Save time and money on your next PW305A IBR inspection with Dallas Airmotive

Learjet 60/60SE/60XR operators with PW305A engines that have not received Service Bulletin (SB) 24609 require a first stage high pressure compressor rotor (IBR) eddy current inspection every 300 hours after their engines’ rotors have acquired 1,200 hours in operation. We know this need for inspection means operators have to plan ahead and account for a grounded aircraft for a couple days, if not more. Our Dallas Airmotive team offers the solutions you need to better estimate your aircraft’s downtime and check off your inspection, all while saving you time and money.

F1RST SUPPORT field service technician Mark Christopher is one of many Dallas Airmotive engine experts and he specializes in performing PW305A IBR inspections around the world. With Mark on our team, operators receive OEM-approved support by a single technician and a 24-hour turn around time for inspection completion, while many MROs offer this support with 3-day service and 2 technicians as minimum.


With 24+ years of engine experience and over 100 inspections completed to date, Mark has obtained the expertise to perform quick-turn inspections that ensure your engines run optimally.

During the inspection, Mark will primarily be looking for evidence of cracks in the rotor assembly. If cracks are found during the inspection, the OEM requires the engine’s HP rotor assembly to be replaced.

Our team understands the importance of complying with OEM-recommended practices, so if cracks are discovered and the engine requires repair, then Dallas Airmotive encourages the customer to follow this recommendation and get the aircraft returned to service as quickly as possible. Better yet, if the aircraft needs to be in operation during the engine’s maintenance, Dallas Airmotive offers rental engines and field support for installation within 2-3 days of request.

For more information about Dallas Airmotive and Mark’s support for PW305A first stage high pressure compressor rotor (IBR) eddy current inspections, contact us.


Dallas Airmotive’s OEM-Approved PW300 Engine MRO Services & Support

As the only independently operated, Pratt & Whitney Canada-authorized service center for the repair and overhaul of the PW300 engine series, Dallas Airmotive is dedicated to providing the highest level of support to ensure the top safety and reliability regarding the performance of your engine. Our engine experts understand the importance of complying with OEM and air agency-recommended engine bulletins and always encourage aircraft owners and operators to comply with directives.

Need more information about Dallas Airmotive and our PW300 services? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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