Helicopter and Turbine Engine Support

Keeping Your Fleet Flying

With Fast, High-Quality Fixed-Wing MRO Support

Dallas Airmotive is renowned as a world leading, independent provider of repair and overhaul services to turbine aircraft operators. We support more than 80% of the turbine engines in service today on the world’s fixed-wing business, commercial, government and military aircraft.


Through our global field service and Regional Turbine Center (RTC) network, our team provides engine support on-wing and wherever your aircraft lands. Between both Dallas Airmotive and H+S Aviation, our technicians and regional engine managers have an average of 20 years of experience, hold an A&P license and have an IA rating. They are committed to their craft, trusted by customers and backed by an organization with more than 80 years in the engine support business.

Engine Maintenance Repair Overhaul-JT15D-PW100-PW300-PW500-PT6A

*OEM-Authorized Support Provided by H+S Aviation

Engine Maintenance Repair Overhaul-TFE731-HTF7000-ALF502-CFE738

*OEM-Authorized Support Provided by H+S Aviation

**Field Service Support Only

Engine Maintenance Repair Overhaul-SPEY-TAY-BR710

**Field Service Support Only

Helicopter Engine Maintenance Repair and Overhaul-CT7-CF34

*OEM-Authorized Support Provided by H+S Aviation

**Field Service Support Only


Supporting Your Mission

Through Expert Rotorcraft Engine MRO

At Dallas Airmotive, we deliver helicopter engine repair and overhaul services with unmatched support and personalized service. We offer OEM-authorized and source-approved repair and overhaul for engines that power the majority of helicopters currently in use.

Our MRO centers of excellence serve helicopter operators worldwide. You can count on our industry-leading field service, sales support and technical capabilities anywhere you fly.

Helicopter Maintenance Repair Overhaul-PW200-PW210-PT6B-PT6T
Helicopter Engine Maintenance Repair and Overhaul-CT7/T700
  • ct7/t700*
  • *OEM-Authorized Support Provided by H+S Aviation