M250® Engine Solutions

Dallas Airmotive and H+S Aviations are two of the world’s leading, independently operated, Rolls-Royce Authorized Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centers (AMROC) with full in-house capabilities on all Rolls-Royce M250® series turbo-prop engines. Through our global network of aircraft engine maintenance facilities and mobile field service units, you can schedule your next Fixed-Wing engine repair or overhaul event or request on-site repair whenever your engines need expert service.


Global Engine Services

  • Engine Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
  • Full Service on Series I through IV Models
  • Engine Sales and Exchange Program
  • Module Overhaul and Repair
  • Module Exchange (Serviceable & Overhaul)
  • Component Repair, Overhaul and Exchange
  • Accessory Overhaul, Repair and Exchange
  • Video Borescope Inspections
  • Rental Engines
  • Parts Sales
  • Engine Test Cells

Quality Benefits

  • Rolls-Royce Authorized Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Center (AMROC)
  • 50+ Years of M250 Experience
  • Market Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Global Support Network
  • Expert Technical Support
  • AOG & Field Service


M250 Major Aircraft Platforms

Alenia Aermacchi SF260TP - M250-B17D

Britten-Norman Islander/Defender – M250-B17C / M250-B17F

Grob G120TP – M250-B17F

Swearingen (Fairchild) A-Viator – M250-B17C



Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

2988 W. Walnut Hill Lane
DFW Airport, TX 75261
Tel: +1 214.956.3001 
Fax: +1 214.956.2825

Robinson Way

Portsmouth Hampshire
United Kingdom
T +44 (0)23 9230 4000
F +44 (0)23 9230 4020

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The Dallas Airmotive and
Rolls-Royce Partnership

Dallas Airmotive and H+S Aviation have been servicing Rolls-Royce M250® engines since 1967. We offer a depth and breadth of experience on this workhorse engine that includes the earliest models through the more powerful variants of today.

Being a modular engine, we can support operators by offering module repair and overhaul, exchange and sales, component and accessory repair, as well as full engine sales, exchange, repair and overhaul. Aircraft can operate in almost any environment any time of the day, so our field service technicians are available to go on-site for your support. Whatever scenario fits your service needs, we can accommodate you.

We offer one of the most comprehensive M250 exchange and component inventories. We manage more than 1,000 line items for M250 and hold one of the largest inventories of M250 modules and engines available for exchange or outright sale. In addition, we maintain a complete stock of overhauled material ready for installation.

H+S Aviation also provides a high-quality training service for M250 series engine operators. The Rolls-Royce M250 training is both Rolls-Royce and EASA Part 147 approved and recognized for its in-depth execution by experienced instructors in Portsmouth, UK or at your local facility. H+S Aviation and Dallas Airmotive provide 24/7 technical support of the M250 engine series through our F1RST SUPPORT™ field service organisation and global support network.

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