PT6A Engine Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

PT6A Engine Solutions

With over 50 years of experience, Dallas Airmotive and H+S Aviation are world-leading, independently operated and OEM-authorized for the repair and overhaul services for the Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PT6A series turboprop engines. Through our global network of aircraft engine maintenance facilities and mobile field service units, you can schedule your next engine repair or overhaul event or request on-site repair whenever your engines need expert service.


Global Engine Services

  • Engine Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
  • In-House Accessory and Component Repair Services
  • New & Serviceable Parts and Module Sales and Exchange
  • Engine Sales and Exchange
  • Hot Section Inspections
  • Over-torque, Lightning Strike and Sudden Stoppage Inspection and Repair
  • Fuel Nozzle Exchange Kits w/ Same-Day Flow Check
  • FOD & MIO Repair
  • Rental Engines
  • OEM-Correlated Test Cells

Quality Benefits

  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Designated Overhaul Facility
  • Customized Turn Times
  • Market-Competitive Pricing
  • Industry-Leading Warranties
  • 24/7 Global Support Network
  • Expert Technical Support
  • Fly-In Regional Turbine Centers
  • AOG & Field Service


PT6A Major Aircraft Platforms

Air Tractor AT 402A/402B – PT6A-11AG

Air Tractor AT 402A/402B/502B – PT6A-15AG

Air Tractor AT 502B – PT6A-34AG

Air Tractor AT 602 – PT6A-60AG / -65AG

Air Tractor AT 802/802A/802AF/802F – PT6A-65AG / -67AG

Beechcraft 1900/1900C – PT6A-65B

Beechcraft 1900D – PT6A-67D

Beechcraft 99A/B99 – PT6A-27

Beechcraft C12F – PT6A-42

Beechcraft C99 Airliner – PT6A-36

Beechcraft King Air 200 – PT6A-41

Beechcraft King Air 300/300LW/350/350i/350ER/350IER – PT6A-60A

Beechcraft King Air B200/B200SE – PT6A-42

Beechcraft King Air B200GT/250 – PT6A-52

Beechcraft King Air C90A/B/SE – PT6A-21

Beechcraft King Air F90-1/C90GT/C90GTi/C90GTx – PT6A-135A

Beechcraft Starship – PT6A-67A

Beechcraft T44-A – PT6A-34B

Bombardier (deHavilland) DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300 – PT6A-27

Cessna 208/208B Caravan I – PT6A-114A

Cessna Caravan 208B EX/Super Cargomaster EX – PT6A-140

Cessna Conquest I – PT6A-135A

Cessna Corsair/Conquest I – PT6A-112

Daher TBM 700 / 850 – PT6A-64 / -66D

Embraer Bandeirante EMB-110 / -111 – PT6A-27 / -34

Embraer Caraja – PT6A-34

Embraer EMB-312 Tucano – PT6A-25C

Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano – PT6A-68C


Frakes Turbo Cat Model A/B/C – PT6A-15AG / -34AG

King Air A90/B90/C90/99 – PT6A-20

King Air E90/100/A100 – PT6A-28LET L410 – PT6A-27

King Air 90 – PT6A-6

Merlin IIA – PT6A-20

Pacific Aerospace XSTOL / 750 – PT6A-34 / -34AG

Piaggio Avanti II / P-180 – PT6A-66B / -66

Pilatus PC-12 / -12NG / -21 – PT6A-67B / -67P / -68B

Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter – PT6A-27

Pilatus PC-7/PC-7 MKII Turbo Trainer – PT6A-25C

Pilatus PC-9 Turbo Trainer – PT6A-62

Piper Cheyenne III/IIIA – PT6A-41

Piper Malibu – PT6A-21

Piper Meridian – PT6A-34 / -35

Piper Meridian/M500 – PT6A-42A

Quest Kodiak – PT6A-34

Schweizer G-164B / 164D AG-Cat Turbine – PT6A-11AG / -15AG / -34AG

Shorts 360 / 360-300 – PT6A-67R

T-6A Texan II – PT6A-68

Thrush 510P – PT6A-34AG

Thrush 550P/660 – PT6A-60AG

Thrush 660/710P – PT6A-65AG

Thrush 710P – PT6A-67AG


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“I wanted to express my gratitude your teams service. Job was completed, paperwork done, and under budget- A true show of professionalism. I will not hesitate to use your services in the future. Thanks again for the help!”- Ohio GIII Operator.”

— Ohio GIII Operator

The Dallas Airmotive and Pratt & Whitney Canada Partnership

Dallas Airmotive and its affiliate, H+S Aviation are OEM authorized on a broad range of Pratt & Whitney Canada engine platforms for both fixed and rotor wing applications since 1950.

In 1964, Dallas Airmotive was the first independent service organisation authorized to sell, distribute parts and service Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6A engine series. Today, both H+S Aviation and Dallas Airmotive are Designated Overhaul Facilities (DOF) for the family of PT6A engines. The companies offer a full range of support services from inspections through major overhaul. The world-class Airtight™ warranty, introduced in 1995, established the industry standard for overhauled engines. Our Airtight™ warranty covers all parts and labor for a period of 10 years or the manufacturer’s recommended TBO, whichever occurs first.

Dallas Airmotive provides 24/7 technical support of the PT6A engine series through our F1RST SUPPORT™ field service organisation and through strategically positioned Regional Turbine Centres (RTCs), where minor repairs, troubleshooting, power section and hot section inspections, FOD, Sudden Stoppage and Lightning Strike repairs can be performed. In addition, we also offer component and accessory repair, overhaul and exchange.

Contact us whenever you need assistance with your PT6A engine or contact us for more information.

PT6A-Powered Airframe OEMs We are Proud to Support

OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Beechcraft
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Cessna
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Air Tractor
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Bombardier
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Embraer
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Piper
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Pilatus
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Thrush Aircraft
OEM Authorised Fixed wing Maintenance - Daher