PW091 APU Inspections, Major Repair and Overhaul

PW901A/C APU Solutions

Dallas Airmotive's UK affiliate, H+S Aviation, provides OEM approved services for the PW901 APU models used on Boeing 747-400 and 747-8 commercial aircraft. Through our global network of aircraft engine and APU maintenance facilities and mobile field service units, you can schedule your next APU repair or overhaul event or request on-site repair whenever your PW901 APU needs expert service.


Global Engine Services

  • APU overhaul
  • Major repair
  • Component and accessory repair

Quality Benefits

  • OEM authorized
  • AOG parts support
  • APU rental and exchange units
  • Fast turn times
  • OEM warranty repair
  • Global support network
  • Technical support


PW901 APU Major Aircraft Platforms

Boeing 747-400 – PW901A APU

Boeing 747-8 – PW901C APU


Airport Service Road

Portsmouth Hampshire
United Kingdom
T +44 (0)23 9230 4000
F +44 (0)23 9230 4020

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“I want to take this opportunity to thank all the H+S team for an excellent effort to turn this APU around in a challenging timeframe. The early deliver of the APU has helped us as an operator to avoid a lot of disruption with an important 747 lease return next week. Great example of customer service.”

— Customer Satisfaction Survey Response

The Dallas Airmotive and Pratt & Whitney Canada Partnership

Dallas Airmotive and affiliate, H+S Aviation, are OEM authorized on a broad range of Pratt & Whitney Canada engine and APU platforms for both fixed and rotor wing applications since 1950. In support of today's Boeing 747s, H+S provides OEM-approved overhaul, maintenance and repair services for the PW901 APU.

In addition to full overhaul service, we offer major APU repair and component and accessory overhaul and repair.

As an approved service center, H+S Aviation can also provide warranty support, AOG parts support, APU rental and exchange units and technical support through our global service network.

Contact us whenever you need assistance with your PW901 APU.

PW901 APU-Powered Airframe OEM We are Proud to Support

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